The ‘Janoschka Prismatic Effect Cylinder’ enables a new generation of finishing solutions for packaging. Moving 2D patterns lend a premium look to packaging and attract the consumer’s attention.

Its special security mark means that JAPRIS can also be deployed to combat product piracy.

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Our sector would be unthinkable without colour. That's why the topic runs like a golden thread all the way through LINKED#5.

So let us invite you to join the journey through this fascinating world and allow yourself to be surprised by the many different aspects of colour revealed to you in this edition in an informative and entertaining way – by Janoschka and Linked2Brands.

We wish you an enjoyable read!

Packaging Recycling

Janoschka and its production agency for brand owners Linked2Brands are supporting the HolyGrail 2.0 project together with more than 85 companies and organisations from the complete packaging value chain.

The goal is to pioneer the digital watermarks technology for smart packaging recycling in the EU.

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Design Verification

Most people don’t decide what to buy until they are at the point of sale. No matter whether they’re shopping online or in a real supermarket, brands help them to get their bearings. That’s why the appearance of the packaging is important.

Linked2Brands is offering a way for brands to raise their future chances of successful product placement.

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